Be Quiet

30 second drawings: 12 of 52 Being Quiet

30 second drawings: 12 of 52 Being Quiet

Third Week in November

It means a lot to us to be seen. It means a lot to us to be heard. It validates us. Sometimes we pursue that validation so vehemently that it hurts. When we sense that we are not being seen or heard we could choose to get louder and demand an audience. We could also try being quiet.

Throughout our lives we live among family, friends, and partners. Even at work we are required to do some living among coworkers. Continuing that logic, we also go out in public and therefore must live among strangers. When so many people are living their own lives around you, you are bound to be competing for attention and acknowledgement from others. You are bound to be speaking without anyone to hear you.

Occasionally we need to demand attention and understanding from others, as when we are giving a presentation or when we are explaining safe conduct. In partnership, too, there are times that it is imperative that one’s needs or desires are heard. Those occasions occur infrequently compared to how much we do and how often we speak.

Often our words and actions are misapplied or unnecessary. We cannot escape that. With the amount we do and say each day it is absurd to imagine that we could be acknowledged for everything or that our words are always valuable. In light of that reality, we can allow our deeds and words to go unnoticed. We can be quiet while we achieve. We can be quiet until we are ready to be heard and others are ready to hear us. We will continue to struggle to be heard, but we don’t have to always.

When we are quiet we can see and hear others more clearly. Allow another person’s achievement to be acknowledged or their opinion to be heard. You may find that you don’t want or need the attention after all or that what you had to share is no longer relevant. For all the effort we put into being seen, allow yourself to rest. Allow yourself to feel the power of being quiet.