30 second drawings: 7 of 52 Thresholds

30 second drawings: 7 of 52 Thresholds

Third Week in October

This is a world filled with thresholds. The natural world is forever entering new phases, on the verge of presenting itself in a new way, or giving in to mounting pressure to simply change. As part of the natural world we also encounter thresholds. Whether it is birth, adolescence, graduation, heartbreak, love, adulthood, parenthood, illness, success, loss, or death, we are approaching thresholds.

A threshold is the point at which a change is caused to occur. There is a familiar sentiment about a butterfly flapping its wings. The energy of that flap impacts innumerable other forces on earth and causes a hurricane to occur on the other side of the planet. The energy from the wings may play a part in the occurrence of the hurricane, but in the natural world all things are approaching a threshold. Our laughter or our whimpers can be given as much credit as the flutter of butterfly wings.

Thresholds don’t mark a change from good to bad; they simply are the point at which change manifests. There is no need to dread or fear thresholds. Instead, recognize how we blaze and become vibrant like the autumn leaves as we approach thresholds, our humanity bursting out in cheers of jubilation or cries of despair. Or recognize how we drift and are carried like a cloud not yet raining as we approach thresholds, our humanity turning within us in a calm acceptance or in quiet sorrow.