Fourth Week in August

There is enough happening in the world for us to choose what we listen to and what we ignore and still hear quite a bit. We choose to listen to what affirms our beliefs about our world and ourselves. We often choose to skip over what we don’t like and we find it challenging to listen to things that contradict our beliefs. Sometimes we cannot avoid it and we have to hear about the realities that contradict our beliefs. What do we do then?

We tend to find someone with whom we can argue. We attempt to get the facts but often just protect our beliefs, using the porousness of information to stabilize our stance. We talk until the reality can be ignored again. Some of us listen to the reality. We believe the stories that accompany the newly revealed reality. We diversify our news outlets in order to learn more about who is telling these stories. We listen because when we ask, “is this true?,” we don’t want to argue, we want to hear the answer so that we can take action to make the real world match up to what we expect of it.