Take Stock

30 second drawings: 9 of 52 Taking Stock

30 second drawings: 9 of 52 Taking Stock

Fifth Week in October

These days we are reminded by the light and the air that changes are happening. What was abundant is becoming scarce and what had been scarce is becoming more abundant. We change in turn. We take stock of what we will soon need and we no longer need. What will we do in the coming months to adapt to this recently changed life? Let’s consider.

How will I present myself to the world during this season? Who will I invite into my home? To whose homes will I go? What will I do during the daylight hours? What will I do during the nights? What foods will be in fine form to help fill the pantry, kitchen, and bellies of my friends and family? Take stock.

If you like, mourn for what has just passed. Certainly, embrace what is here. Welcome what is around the corner. We are in a time of change. Change, even when it is expected, can still evoke some surprising emotions in us. Taking stock of what you have and what you value can help ground you; it can provide focus to your life while the world around you continues to change