Fourth Week in October

Teams draw us out. The collective efforts of teammates focused on a single goal can bring out the best in us. Some of us may recoil from the thought of teams, which is understandable. Not everyone feels that the familiar notion of a team suits them. Some of us may feel that really we are better, more successful, alone. But we aren’t alone, ever.

Instead of recoiling from the idea of team, reconsider the meaning to acknowledge how teammates and teamwork allow you to experience your capabilities, whether it is among a team of one thousand or a team of two. Teammates are the people around you who support you, help you see your goals clearly, help you see your obstacles clearly, help you overcome those obstacles and meet those goals. In a team we all work together to reach our collective goal. That may entail being or doing something the value of which is unclear. But, the team sees the value in it and that is why it is crucial. That is why you do it. You do it for your team.

Teamwork allows you to see accomplishments as the result of collective, instead of personal, effort. Teamwork draws out our desire to be a good teammate, to acknowledge our teammates in turn, to dig deep to achieve our goal, and do our best. Indeed, when confronted with success or failure you cannot be sure if it is you who made it possible for your teammates to persevere or if it is they who made it possible for you.


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