First Week in March

Every once in a while we become overwhelmed by the indifference the world shows for us, our wants, needs, and desires. Instead of allowing the world to be unaware of who we are, we distort the reality into a story wherein everyone and everything is spiteful instead of indifferent.

When we find ourselves in a fabricated world of malice, we should begin practicing micro-forgiveness. Recognize the person, thing, or occasion that is upsetting you and forgive. When you begin to practice micro-forgiveness, forgiving every annoyance and inconvenience that impacts you, you begin to realize the true nature of what is happening. You begin to see how similar you are to the person who has annoyed you. You begin to see the absurdity of expecting ease, peace, and everything you want.

Forgive the driver who failed to signal properly. Forgive the checkout clerk for allowing a line to form in front of you at the store. Forgive the world for rainy days. Forgive the coffee cup for dripping coffee on your shirt. Then forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for being self-important and contemptuous on occasion. And finally, forgive the universe for not providing you with what you want when you want it.

These circumstances arise and it is not personal at all. They arise with complete indifference to you. We are all careless, forgetful, inconveniently present, and susceptible to misunderstanding at times. We cannot expect everyone else to be aware of how their behavior affects us.


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