A Day of Reason

First Week of May

The National Day of Reason, May 1st, is a day that celebrates the process of reasoning, which gives us the justifications and knowledge we use to substantiate our beliefs and actions. Reason has allowed us to question everything. Reason has allowed us to draw conclusions and then question things again. For example, reason allowed us to conclude that the earth was flat. With that knowledge we drew more conclusions based on observations, logic, and experiments. Eventually, we found that the world was not flat. We had to reapply ourselves to reason in order to understand the world in light of these new facts. The National Day of Reason promotes unceasing inquiry and the unrelenting pursuit of evidence.

We did not always let reason inform our beliefs, though. For many years in our lives we did not apply reason to our beliefs at all. We accepted answers like, “because I said so,” when we were younger. We may accept variations of that answer in our adult lives, today. The National Day of Reason gives us an opportunity to apply reason to all of our beliefs; those imparted to us in our younger days, those lately unexamined, and those widely promoted in our society. Examine or re-examine your beliefs and determine if they still stand to reason today. There is nothing like drawing your own conclusions and thinking for yourself.


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