Fourth Week in June

Today, let’s consider adventure. It is the decision you make to step from the familiar toward the unknown. Or, as it happens in many cases, adventure is the decision you make to meet with a world that is suddenly strange. After all, we don’t always set out on adventures when we find ourselves on one.

To enjoy an adventure we really only need a state of mind. We have to access our comfort within and accept our discomfort with the world beyond us. The comfort makes it possible to step boldly away in pursuit of adventure. If you had nothing to return to, no sense of confidence or safety, your adventure would be a wander, an aimless excursion without excitement, insight, danger, or interest. An adventure depends on a home base state of mind. It is where you return once the adventure is over; it illuminates the adventure and draws out the differences between who you were before and who you are now because of it. That is how you know adventure’s been had.


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