30 second drawings: 31 of 52 Creativity
30 second drawings: 31 of 52 Creativity

First Week in April

Creativity is the delight of the human race. We are forever creating. Stories, jokes, words, languages, poetry, pictures, songs, symphonies, films, plays, experiments, recipes, solutions to problems, etc. are the ways in which we express our creative impulse.

Creativity is a way by which we connect with others. When we create, the act is influenced by everything around us. The language, environment, tools, technology, ideas, and creations of others enable us to create. Not only are we reminded of our connection to others at the outset of creating, but our creations wouldn’t be creations without people hearing, seeing, or utilizing them. Creativity is enmeshed in our world’s processes.

The wonderful thing about this act of creation is that other people will embrace it. Not everyone, of course, but other people will understand your creation. Your word-play will be appreciated. Your composition will be understood and enjoyed. Your experiments, recipes, and solutions will be used by others. Your stories, films, and plays will resonate with the audience.

Creativity reminds us of our humanity. Through creation we transcend individuality, time, and space. Creativity allows us to delight in our existence.


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