46 bravery
30 second drawing: 46 of 52 Bravery

What does it mean to have faith in humans? Faith, the ever-trust. That faith is so expansive, encouraging one’s actions and also responding to all effects, naturally makes faith vulnerable. When we take a step with faith and fall we can only take another step with faith.

Because it is ever-trust, because it encompasses everything, when we fall it is disorienting. Knowing what to trust becomes difficult, as though a fabric enveloping us has become disparate threads with only some capable of supporting us. We can’t know what threads to trust. We have to step. Because it is the only option we step with faith and we slowly, bravely, and inevitably reorient ourselves. With exultant relief we find we can step confidently again.

It feels like salvation because it is transcendent. Having our faith met proves the essence of humanity is dependent on interaction, enduring mutual presence. I am because we are. I am because we have been. I am because we will be.

Smile. Eye-contact. Hello. Thank you. Goodbye. Sharing. Laughter. Care. Singing. Dancing. Embracing. One by one these acts fortify my faith in humans. Each one a step with faith. Each one always happening in a million lives every moment. With that my faith is once again robust. I can ever trust our nature to forever meet each other.


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