Insist on Yourself.

30 second drawing: 19 of 52 Insist on Your Self

30 second drawing: 19 of 52 Insist on Your Self

First Week in January

We are each individuals. Even as we are brought up and surrounded by others, even as our lives intersect and reflect others, and even as our commonalities connect us, we are independent, singular, alone, autonomous, individual. We each have our own self. It is the job of each of us to insist on nurturing all that defines that self.

Insistency requires advocacy and we are each authorities on our personal authenticity. As an advocate for yourself you must keep in mind that nobody else will do things for you. Only you can ensure you get what you want and deserve. Only by taking every step on the path to get there can you reach your own goals.

It is your mind, so you are the only one who can accurately give voice to it. It is your body, and you are the only one who knows what feels okay and what does not. Insistence takes courage but advocating for yourself is worth pushing through fear.

The self also needs insistent regard. There is no passivity here. Trying to be like someone else is common enough. Seeing how others live their lives is surely the easiest way to determine how to live your own, but even as we dabble in copying and emulating others we must champion what fits into the real structure of our own lives. Insist that it is your skills, interests, values, constraints, and worldviews that are determining your actions. Another person’s self won’t fit into your life and will never satisfy you. You have to insist on your self.